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All Faith Sam Merantos
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Sam Meranto, nonprofit organization in Phoenix Arizona, provides spiritual guided meditation for depression, manage stress, habits, addictions, pain
Address4440 E Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ 85018-5413
Phone(602) 957-4669

X-Ray Your Mind Find Out Why You Are The Way You Are Sam's clients say, "He is the worlds greatest therapist". Sam was teaching medical doctors in Boston, Mass. in 1952. Here's where Nurses, Psychiatrists, PhDs, Professors, MDs, Priests, Nuns, and people of all religions come for personal help! Make Money This Website is the Answer to Your Prayers You can get Help Anyplace in the World at home You can Download an Evaluation consisting of 225 Questions for Free to download the Free Lifestyle Analysis Because the questions are personal, bring it into our office . If you live out of the state, You do not want your business on the internet mail it to me.

Sam Meranto

4440 E Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ 85018 Stop

Depression - Pain - Obesity

Sam Meranto has been teaching Doctors and helping people since 1952. He has the only full time Meditation Center in the World. You don't have to come to this office. You can get help at home. He'll talk to you in the Video below that was made recently. See if he looks like a man who is 79 years old. Find out his secret to a longer healthier life.

Sam Meranto recently went into Arizona Heart Hospital and had an angioplasty performed. He had no clogged arteries and the doctor said he had the heart of a 30 year old. The doctor was so impressed he got on Sam's program. He said Sam's blood work was better than his and he is only 42. Dr. Michael Gordon, M.D. one of the best Cardiologists in the country.
Welcome to!
God will help!
Are you looking for answers and help as to how to survive the recession, manage stress, stop bad habits, addictions, healing, pain, love, sex, lose weight, stop smoking, anorexia, depression, anxiety, bulimia, loss of a loved one and other addictions? If so, Reverend Sam Meranto can help!

Retired psychiatrist Dr Jim Norris came to Sam for depression, headaches and weight loss. After 2 weeks, this is what he said, "I've learned more in two weeks than all my medical training and 30 years in practice. I can't believe it, I've lost 11 pounds and my headaches and depression are gone. Sam is ahead of his time. The religious aspect of this program could help empty a lot of mental institutions." These statements were documented on one of Sam's television shows. The video tape is available to non-believers. People have been labeled with mental disorders and given medication. Most of these people can be cured through meditation. Like the Bible states, "A happy heart does good like medicine." In the USA if a doctor mislables you, it's okay, they are practicing. In some countries it is a felony and the doctors go to jail.
How this Program Works!
There is nothing like this progam in the world. The CD's are free to you, what you pay for is our evaluation of your problem areas and a year membership. We select from our library of over 1,500 pre-recorded sessions, the ones that pinpoint the areas that will help you specifically. Your membership entitles you to a direct phone number you can call to get more counseling. And you can get additional sessions that will help you more if need be. The reason for the membership is so that we can make sure you get the help you need, because your problems don't go away overnight.
If you have any severe problems such as drugs, alcohol, or severe depression and you live out of state you can fly into Phoenix or if you live here already Sam can work with you personally. This is our special VIP program. He'll work with you for half a day and record the session, which will be for you and you alone to take home. Working with Sam directly will cost a little more, but it is rarely needed as Sam's pre-recorded sessions usually do the trick. God loves us all and wants you to get the help you need. So what are you waiting for Download the free session, which will give you an idea of how this program can help you. Download the Lifestyle Analysis as well and fill it out, then call us at 602-957-4669 to get your program started today.
Read All Faith's Self Help Mission Statement

Sun. 11:30pm - Mon. & Tue 5:30am
Also appearing on Discover channel "Planet Green" on a show called "Solutions to Your Problems"

If you need help and want to know how Sam does his magic he will talk to you personally now.

Arizona residents and visitors come in for a free session and consultation. Come once and finsh at home.

The Bible states, "No one should take control of your mind". Prayer and Meditation is your answer for better health. It is a Greek word that means sleep artificially induced. Mother's are the greatest hypnotists, "Rock a Bye Baby" and they put you to sleep. They taught us to clean our plate and not waste our food, which was done out of love. Our program is so powerful that it reprograms you for success and love your Mother all the more. God forbid if your mother was depressed and had psychological problems, no pill is the answer. You need this program. The Bible states, "A happy heart does good like medicine". All our testimonials are local people with real success stories. Come in for that free session. Be leary of people that run big ads with no address and just the phone number. Try the best. 35 years in the same office speaks for itself. I feel that God led you to our website to get help. I am not a hypnotist. I am a Dehypnotist. As written in the Bible, "Meditate and open you mind to the Lord". I am not the lord. I am a minister and I work for him and he wants you to get help. Again 35 years in the same location speaks for itself.

We had a program that people donated $1,000 to receive a set of 16-45 min sessions on all subjects. You can have them on cassettes for a contribution of just $99.00 to our non-profit organization. The money will be used for overall expenses and to help veterans with post traumatic stress disorders. And especially children with learning disabilities and sexually abused.God will bless you for whatever help you can give.
You can now Purchase

Our prime goal is to minister to the public through guided meditation. We help battered wives, sexual abused children, and especially Veterans with post traumatic stress syndrome. We wrote to government officials about giving our sessions to Veterans for free. We had no response with over a dozen letters sent out to different official's offices. I feel the reason why they did not respond is because we are a religious organization. The seperation between state and government.... you know how they took God out of the schools, and Sam mentions God on the sessions he gives out to Veterans. What a shame.

What the world says about help and further information concerning sam
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