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Are you struggling with Debt? Which one is best for you Lawyer vs. Debt Settlement Company?
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Are you struggling with Debt? Which one is best for you Lawyer vs. Debt Settlement Company?
It’s always tough to determine between a debt settlement companies or hire a Debt Settlement Attorney to work on your struggling debts.

Although in every possible case, it is considered best to hire a Tucson Debt Settlement and Negotiation Attorney and avoid a debt settlement company. Make sure to hire an appropriate law firm to help you work out with your creditors.

Let’s talk about how these debt settlement companies work?

Generally, these companies ask you to make payments while they consult with your creditors. Debt Settlement Company usually makes their customers believe that they reach out to creditors to settle your unsecured debts. They often demand huge payments from their customers, including your past and current savings and a monthly charge to work and communicate and deal with the creditors. Once you have done the settlements, these firms contact your creditors and offer them a significant value less than what you owe.

Debt Settlement Company charges more in comparison to the lawyer. 

Apart from that, debts Settlement Company also charge some contingency fee. This fee is a percentage amount based on your savings, future settlements, and other set-up fees. Customers need to be very aware and careful while making payments and giving details to debt settlement companies. These firms don’t mention the risks associated with the process.


As these firms are only for their profit maximization and revenue making, it is essential for a customer to know about the scams and always go for a law firm instead of a debt settlement company. These firms will increase their amount and fee agreements once you avoid making payments to them. They will also impose high-interest rates and added fee charges. Debt settlement companies also neglect that your credit will take a severe hit if creditors report missed payments to the credit authorities.

Why should you hire a law firm instead?

Settling your creditors and unsecured debts is best done by a certified law firm. An experienced attorney will even accompany you through effective legal opinion and understand and figure out your debt. What debt settlement companies can’t do is to represent you in a situation where the creditor files a lawsuit. It can only be done by sterling Tucson Debt Settlement and Negotiation Attorney. An experienced attorney will provide you with all the possible options and actions you can take in every possible situation. The attorney will also guide you and help you figure out whether you should settle your debts or file for bankruptcy, whereas a debt settlement company will only try to persuade you to settle your unsecured debts.


Lawyers give you a solution and can your defender when a lawsuit is filed- An attorney will even help you and stand by your position if you ever get sued. Apart from that, if a creditor seeks to violate the law, your attorney can provide superior guidance to handle and proceed with the situation which a debt settlement company won’t. Keeping these benefits in mind, you should also be aware of the bad debt settlement company in the way. An attorney must have a certificate and is supposed to have ethical norms essential to work in the position.


Beware of bad lawyers - Customers must be aware of debt settlement companies who hire lawyers to work according to them. In some states, attorneys might bond and team up with a debt settlement firm to capture maximum customers and demand high fees and interest rates by winning their trust.

Can you settle a debt on your own?-


Another useful option to settle your debts is to do this on your own- Yes; you can arrange a debt settlement by yourself. It is essential to know about your creditors here. Once you are sure that you want to settle your debts rather than applying for bankruptcy and your creditors are not causing any difficulty, it is best not to hire an attorney.


You can save money and negotiate your settlements for a while to maintain a balance and control the process. Also, hiring a lawyer to represent yourself might not lead to a positive view in front of your creditors. Analyzing all the necessary details, it is best to avoid a debt settlement company and go to an authorized Tucson debt settlement and negotiation attorney or even to settle the debt on your own.                                   


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