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Cleaning Up After a Monsoon Storm
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Cleaning Up After a Monsoon Storm
Monsoon storms in the AZ, especially those in the valley, can cause a lot of damage. The high wind gusts, rain, lightening, and hail can all create issues for your air conditioning/heating system.

The wind blows dirt, dust, and debris around and a lot of that can go into your air conditioner. Hail can damage the outside of your air conditioner/heating system, which may cause damage on the inside. A monsoon storm can be very dangerous for your air conditioner.

            After the monsoon storm has passed, you will definitely want to inspect you air conditioner. Post storm/monsoon clean-up is very important in the valley. There are several things you will want to watch out for when conducting post storm/monsoon clean-up. Listed below are just a few things to check.

-         The first item to inspect is just the outside of your air conditioner. Make sure that there is not any severe damage to the unit. This could include dents, scratches, or ripped parts. If you see anything like this, call a home air conditioner repair company like; ACE Home Services, to look over your unit. Also while you are inspecting the outside of the unit, remove any twigs, branches, leaves, or other debris that may be stuck to the outside of the air conditioning unit. This will help air get into your home much easier.

-         Next inspect the drainage pipe for your air conditioner. It is very easy for dirt and debris to get into the pipe and clog it up. This will prevent your air conditioner from draining the condensation, which will cause it to not work properly. If the pipe is not clear, flush it out or if you are not comfortable call ACE to help you.

-         You should also look at your filter that is in your home. The filter is what catches the dirt, dust, and debris and prevents them from spreading around your home. If there is too much on the filter, it will not be able to stop all the dust from entering your home or it will not be able to spread the air correctly. If it is dirty, change your filter to keep your system running properly.

-         Get a tune-up. This may seem silly, but you should get your air conditioning system checked up at least once a year. A great time to do this would be after the monsoon season. This way you know for sure that your air conditioning/heating system is working in top condition for the fall/winter seasons. You can also make sure that there are no major problems from the monsoon season.

There are many different items you should look out for on your air conditioner after a monsoon season. Because so many air conditioners are on the top of homes, they can receive a lot more damage than you would think. Inspect your unit for the problems listed above, as well as anything else that does not seem quite right. If you notice a problem, orare unsure if something is a problem, contact ACE Home Services. They will come out and check out your unit, to make sure it is working properly.

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