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Steps to Keep your Air Conditioner Running Smoothly
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Steps to Keep your Air Conditioner Running Smoothly
Having an A/C unit that runs properly is crucial to remaining comfortable in your home. Our air conditioners get a lot of work during the summer months in Arizona.

All across the valley we get high temperatures that force our A/C units to work hard to keep our homes cool. Making sure that your A/C is running smoothly will help save you money, and possibly prevent expensive repairs or replacements in the future.

            There are many different things you can do to prevent any A/C replacement. Listed below are just a few ways you can keep your air conditioner for longer.

- Have yearly professional service: Having a professional HVAC technician, like the ones at ACE Home Services, come to our home and inspect your air conditioner is important. They will make sure that all the parts to your air conditioner are working correctly and that there are no faulty parts. They can also check your thermostat to make sure that your Ac conditioner does not turn on at odd hours. The air ducts are also checked to make sure that there is no blockage in the ducts that is preventing cool air from getting to parts of your home.

- Keep area around ac conditioner clean: Your A/C unit pulls into it to cool your home off. If you have a unit that sits on the ground, there is a higher likely hood that it will pull dirt and debris into the unit. This can cause damage to the parts inside of your conditioner. Make sure that you clear the area around your air conditioner about once a month. If you have a unit that sits on your roof, this is not as much of a worry for you.

- Keep doors and windows closed when A/C is on: This may seem like common sense, but a surprising number of people will open doors and windows even when their A/C is on. Having doors and windows open means that you are letting all of the hot air inside your home, which heats it up. This will cost you money because your air conditioner will turn on more often. It can also cause wear on the parts, which may cause the need for an A/C replacement. So keep those doors and windows closed.

- Change the filters: Make sure that you change the filter inside your home about once a month or so. These filters collect dirt and debris and prevent them from coming into your home. If you do not change them, the dirt can get backed up and either go into your home or into your air conditioner repair. Prevent any damage from occurring and change your filters.

These tips are designed to prevent you from wasting money on A/C replacement. If you follow these tips you can guarantee that your air conditioning unit will last longer. So call ACE today for your yearly service checkup!

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