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Balanced Personality With Experience and Education to Get Government Jobs in UAE
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Balanced Personality With Experience and Education to Get Government Jobs in UAE
This event will attract hundreds of thousands of companies from over the globe. The language is no more a barrier since almost all the people from a ticket seller to a CEO.

According to a recent survey, UAE will open up for over a half of a million jobs by the end of 2020. This is because there is going to be a great grand exhibition to be held in Dubai. This event will attract hundreds of thousands of companies from over the globe. Due to its excitement, analysts and market researchers have already started making analysis of how successful it is going to be.

In UAE, according to a research by a well know job hunting website, employers look for some sets of skills and expertise in an employee. The language is no more a barrier since almost all the people from a ticket seller to a CEO of a large organization prefer speaking English. However, still for some kind of jobs, knowledge of Arabic would be an additional advantage and can make your carrier set on a fast track.

Dubai emirates jobs are not an easy task to land at. Large companies have very strict and stringent criteria in order to select a candidate for their company. Moreover, the receipt of CVs from potential candidates always exceeds expectations. This means that the recruitment department has much more options to explore and then find a suitable candidate among them. Another reason for such a high number of CVs is because countries in Asia have population who are very much eager to get an employment in UAE. Recently, a job pertaining to hiring of an auditor in a large audit firm was posted on LinkedIn. It was pertinent to note that the email address given in the advertisement post was bombarded with hundreds and thousands of CVs that ultimately resulted in crash of the inbox of the recruiter. So in a nutshell all that needs to be explored is that the candidate should have the required amount of skills present.

Speaking Arabic is important in some jobs only like telemarketing and in those where the interaction is likely to be with Government employees. According to another research, two industries which require the most number of recruitments are the finance & banking industry and construction industry. Those two industries work practices show that they require people who have special skills and experience and not concerned with the language skills present in a probable employee.

Workers are also categorized in two different parts i.e. skilled and unskilled labor. In skilled labor we have people who are educated and owns particular skills in some specialized area like accounting, auditing, taxation, engineering, computing, telecommunication, marketing, advertising, purchasing, selling etc. for unskilled category the work is much of a nature of a laborers  in which a person is expected to do work which is brisk and rigorous in nature. Also the skilled level workers usually have white collar jobs while at the other hand unskilled have blue collar jobs.

For skilled workers, if you need a mix of good experience and education, Pakistani nationals are usually preferred. However, other nationalities also have people with expertise and the decision to hire a person should not be based upon nationality but rather on the set of skills they posses and how it matches to the job role for which an employee is required by a company.

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