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Teaching Profession Is a Noble Profession In UAE Pays Off Ample Respect And Bucks
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Some poor countries where law and order situation is worse hampers the overall economic working and therefore the workforce always eye for an opportunity in a country where such problems are not faced

Jobs in UAE are something that is always the sought after thing. In countries where the currency level is not strong and foreign currencies are multiple times more in value than the local currency, it is wise to have an employment in some other country whose currency is well appreciated and valued. Further, some countries have a lower progress rates, so skilled and unskilled people living there prefer to have an employment in a country where the economic indicators are more favorable and positive and the progress rate is neither steep nor stable but in fact it is on a rising trend. Some poor countries where law and order situation is worse hampers the overall economic working and therefore the workforce always eye for an opportunity in a country where such problems are not faced. These are some of the reasons why the working class is likely to shift to some other country.

However, staying a different country is not that easy. It is never being taken as taking a candy from a child, nor is it be considered as falling off a log. When one spends a life with family far distant then focus on work becomes impaired. However, if one is passionate about their career then they prefer their job over other matters in their life. People working in Middle East and especially in UAE, are allowed to travel back to their homeland once or twice in a year. This depends upon the level of organization in which a particular employee is working. If an employee belongs to the executive level, the fare and other cost of travel is borne by the employer and that too multiple times over a year. However, in case where the employee is of middle management or working at an operational level then the chances are less. In such cases, the leaves granted to employees are also little as compared to leaves offered to employees at a much higher level.

Teaching Jobs in UAE are usually advertised on job hunt websites. The areas of expertise are stated in a particular job advertisement. Like for example if a person has experience in teaching a particular language, then the specific requirements as to the level of proficiency requires is stated. Some companies prefer to state the nationality of people they wish to employ. Although this may give an impression of racism but the companies justify this stance by stating that they wish to hire a particular employee because he/she offered more skills with less salary demand. Some companies also state the salary range they are willing to pay to a potential candidate. It is always advisable on the part of the companies to state as much specific things as possible in order to get only relevant CVs. In case where more of general nature requirements are stated, the mails would be larger in number. When the mails are larger in number, the selection of the right candidate is difficult and it becomes a more effortful exercise for the human resource department.

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